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Engagement Packages

Engagement Packages in Bangkok

Because your engagement is a declaration of your love which marks the beginning of your lives together. Of course, now you have found your Partner-for-Life and it’s time to make it official – let the ceremonies begin! Select one from SO/ Bangkok’s hotel engagement packages and you’ll literally be shouting your love from the rooftops.

First of all, choose to make your special announcement to the world with the timeless Chinese Engagement traditions – The Chinese Tea Ceremony for pouring tea to pay respect to your elders. Or enchant each other with traditional thai engagement ceremony ritual of pouring water. Our team of event planners can offer a range of engagement packages in Bangkok to fit any whim or tradition.

SO/ Bangkok is one of the best engagement venues in Bangkok , your tailor-made engagement ceremony will have everything set to SO/’s standards. Along with the venue decorations, foods and drinks for your guests will be meticulously cared for, making your special day memorable.


Chinese Tea Engagement Packages in Bangkok

Chinese Engagment Traditional Ceremony

When the lucky auspicious engagement date has been set, and now it’s time for the bride and groom to pay their respects. Uniquely show your gratitude towards your parents, new in-laws, and elders by serving them tea in a genteel Chinese Tea Ceremony.


Traditional Thai Engagement Ceremony

Undoubtedly, there is a certain charm and romance in getting engaged in a traditional Thai engagement ceremony . Thus one of life’s most important moments, your wedding is made even more special with Thailand’s rich cultural traditions.


Rooftop Engagements

Experience the most romantic rooftop engagement hotel in Bangkok, SO/Bangkok’s open-air rooftop offers the best place for engagement in Bangkok, on our 29th floor terrace.

Hence, work alongside our team of professional event planners and choose among our hotel engagement packages to find the perfect match. Especially when cocktails, canapés, and live performances come together in the most romantic engagement packages in Bangkok!


The Box Engagement Ceremony

In the first place for an intimate engagement ceremony, The Box provides the perfect personal space. Closest friends and family can witness the bride and groom start anew together with uninterrupted panoramas beaming in from behind.

Because of this private space nestled away in a corner on the 9th floor juts out from the building façade as if suspended in mid-air. And walls of glass offer up the Bangkok skyline and Lumpini Park , inviting the city in to the celebration.

Thai Engagement Package in Bangkok

HI-SO Engagement Ceremony

Reach the height of prestige engagement venues in Bangkok at the HI-SO, our fresco ledge on the 29th floor rooftop , the most romantic venue with Lumpini Park view. If you’re feeling on top of the world, mark the day of love. With up to 50 of your truest and dearest and the City of Angels as witness. And finally exchange your vows against the backdrop of a blue sky as bright as your passion.

Rooftop Engagement

Allow our talented event planners to show you why SO/ Bangkok is the best place for engagement in Bangkok. SO/ Stylish!

SO/ Special

Whether it’s business or leisure, a spa day or a party night, SO/ Bangkok’s luxurious amenities and accommodations will enrich any stay. Restaurants, bars, an executive lounge, meeting rooms, fitness and spa facilities unfold in sophisticated urban charm. Adding to the appeal is our 5-Star Bangkok hotel promotion, welcoming you with the best value for your money. SO/ Bangkok enhances your experience with hotel special offers that are updated regularly on our website. But one thing that never changes is our commitment to excellence and guarantee of an outstanding stay.

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