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Choose your Element When Staying at SO/

Playful rooms and designer hotel suites in Bangkok


According to mythologies and cultures across the world, people have affinities for different elements; discover the perfect setting for your soul at SO/ Bangkok. In both the East and the West, the ancient people shaped their understanding of the world around five distinct elements. These elements provided the composition for every aspect of their surroundings, whether it was the landscape, the sky, or the people around them. In a blend of legend and logic, the composition of all things was believed to be a combination of earth, water, metal, wood, and fire. Situated right beside the stunning natural oasis that is Lumpini Park, the SO/ Bangkok, a premier design hotel Bangkok, crafted by master architect Smith Obayawat, pays homage to these elements through their themed hotel rooms and themed suites.


The Five Elements: Unique amongst design hotels in Bangkok

Lumpini Park sprawls over 142 hectares, with sparkling ponds, bountiful flora and fauna, deep-rooted trees, and buttery yellow sunshine which brings a glow to every last twig and leaf. This inspirational oasis of wonder, where individual elements are so deeply apparent, provided the basis for our 5-star hotel in Bangkok to allocate areas to celebrate each of these fundamental aspects of our world. Our social spaces, such as the beautiful Red Oven restaurant, pay respect to the fire element, as this physically provides the head for our gastronomical creations, but also the passion for food as an art form, for flowing conversation, and for the range of spice palettes we draw from. The central concepts are warmth, energy and sensation, so our social spaces are constructed to encourage movement and dynamism. These spaces, full of flair and indulgence, are the brainchild of Rujiraporn Wanglee.


The remaining four elements of metal, earth, water and wood remain elusive. We have designated them to the private spaces that remain behind closed doors, so that you can select the experience that matches your essence best, and enjoy communing with it in an intimate setting. This design hotel Bangkok allows you to curate your surroundings, as we believe the external should reflect the internal. Perhaps you have a special affinity for water, if you like to dive or surf, or maybe your moods are fluid; perhaps earth is more your scene, if you are grounded, or even if you have a green thumb.


Water Element

Sophistication and Calm
SO Comfy Water Element Room Park View Bangkok - SO Sofitel Bangkok

The first element, water, exudes sophistication and calm, crafted with the typical sophistication of the SO/ Bangkok. Visionary Pongthep Sagulku breathes life into this concept with his simple and elegant aesthetic sensibilities, channeled into our themed hotel rooms. Clarity is induced with the panoramic windows, showcasing sweeping views of the cityscape, and even the floor-to-ceiling glass panels of the walk-in closet. The onyx and ebony palette of the space evokes a deep sense of serenity, like still water. High ceilings give dimension to that emotion, and the sound of trickling water seeps in with a soothing presence. White furnishings and curves give texture to the clean lines and dark tones, playing with the fluidity of water. A gorgeous, round bathtub is placed exactly beside the sweeping bathroom windows, promising you a gentle aquatic experience: drink in the view, and then drink to the view, with the ebb and flow of water, and time. Water is ideal for the posh, stylish guest.


Earth Element

Wonder and Enrichment

SO Comfy Water Element Room Park View Bangkok - SO Sofitel Bangkok

Your second option, earth, is crafted for you by design genius Vitoon Kunalungkarn, who revels in the idea of earth. Rather than the brown tones you might expect, the designer instead opted for cool, cobalt blue to create the sense of aura and enrichment. The open-plane space evokes tranquillity and light airiness that takes away the weight of the element. Sweeping archways are reminiscent of primeval Thai cave dwellers from the Northeast, and additional homage is paid to these important ancestors by reimagining their indigenous art style with modern flair to adorn the walls. Mythical fauna in subtle tones dance around the room, heightening the sense of mystery and history. An oversized bed dominates the space, and the soft white of its covers and other aspects of the room draw light to the deep, dominant hues of the walls and floor. The open bathroom in these themed suites and rooms features black and white Art Deco style floor tiles, textured with frosted glass walls, pale marble and a sunken bathtub which serves as a place to escape and contemplate. Of course, these references to different eras are tempered with cutting-edge technology to ensure that our status as a 5-star hotel in Bangkok is furthered. Earth is the correct choice for the playful, mysterious guest.


Wood Element

Elegance and Tranquillity

SO Comfy Water Element Room Park View Bangkok - SO Sofitel Bangkok

Our third variety of themed hotel rooms rejoices in the calm and affectionate aura provided by the wood element. Nithi Sthapitanonda, the artist behind this aspect of our design hotel Bangkok, brings a contemporary, chic energy to his design to showcase elegance and tranquillity. Drawing on the aesthetic of northern Thai heritage homes, this designer brings the typical interplay of light and shadow into the 21st century. Teak shutters and rooftop rafters let the balmy sunlight in with such subtlety that the bright atmosphere looks as though it is emanating through the pale wood fittings. Silk murals depicting old Siam, each handmade by the artist himself, bring the walls to life. The uncomplicated nature of the teakwood furnishings, brightened with pops of orange and cream, blend old and new into one, stunning space that befits our urban Bangkok city hotel. The central four-poster bed adds that little touch of extravagant, yet trendy luxury that the SO/ Bangkok is so well known for. This space is the perfect nest for our harmonious, peaceful guests.


Metal Element

Purity and Modernity

SO Comfy Water Element Room Park View Bangkok - SO Sofitel Bangkok

Finally, the last of the themed suites in our Bangkok city hotel gives you an industrial, urban element in metal. Visionary Somchai Jongsaeng juxtaposes frosted glass with black and white to play with the edgy nature of Bangkok’s momentum and heritage. Brushed metal Ramayana-inspired clouds grace the walls in another representation of the contrast that founds our metropolis, crowning the bed with dramatic silhouettes. Stillness and light reflecting off the smooth, white surfaces within the room are a stark change from the bustling, frenetic world outside, which can be seen through the borderless window that makes up one of the four room edges. It imbues the room with “a metaphorical filter, a material layer of immaterial feeling.” Just like each other room in the SO/ Bangkok, the metal element chambers come fully fitted with high quality rain showers, spacious bathtubs and an array of modern amenities to ensure your visit is that perfect combination of thoughtfulness, and plush luxury. This space was created with the minimal, fresh-natured guest in mind.


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