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Discover the indulgent SO/ SPAluxury spa in Bangkok which combines French cosmetology with Thailand's beauty secrets. As known as hotel wellness, SO/ Bangkok has provides program with a top of the range equipment at SO/ FIT. And here we have variety programs and classes to whip you into shape.

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Make your next urban experience a healthy and unforgettable occasion with a Bangkok wellness retreat. Find your bliss at Thailand’s distinguished Bangkok wellness hotel, SO/ Bangkok. Whether you’re in Bangkok on business or holiday, our renowned reputation in health and beauty speaks for itself. No visit here is complete without a professional spa treatment, and professional treatment is de rigueur at legendary SO/ SPA. Our exceptional collection of facial, body and beauty treatments will ease those tensions and soothe your overworked muscles. Settle in as everyday stress melts away as you heal the body and energize your mind. Our highly trained massage therapists and healing specialists are here to put you on the path to wellness and bliss.


Transcend the mundane with SO Bangkok’s sociable vibe, unique and unlike any other Bangkok wellness hotel. The latest in French cosmetology combines with Thailand’s timeless beauty secrets in your Bangkok wellness retreat at SO/SPA. The best of both worlds from these two time-honored traditions leave you refreshed, revitalized, and looking and feeling your best. A tranquil atmosphere oversees your every comfort while overlooking Lumpini Park and Bangkok’s iconic skyline. So, indulge your body, mind and spirit. Make your next urban experience a luxury wellness retreat at SO/ Bangkok.


For more information or to make a reservation, please contact SO/ SPA


Escape to our SO/ SPA for the ultimate pampering experience with SO special offer!

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