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The Five Elements

Does design beget inspiration, or inspiration beget design?

The essence of Bangkok has been interpreted through the eyes of top Thai design figures to create a synergy of contrasts that is, as the hotel name suggests, “SO/ Bangkok”.

From the trees, soil, ponds, sunshine, and buildings that coexist within the heart of the city, five of Thailand’s leading designers were called on to tell their version of the story of the five elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire.


Water Element – Sophistication and Calm
Dark pantone affirms the elegance, the stillness and mystical water. Dim the room and let Bangkok’s Skyline amaze the mind, whether from MyBed or the bathtub next to the window, the floor-to-ceiling windows becomes a living photo frame.


Earth Element – Wonder and Enrichment
Grounded in simplicity, in tune with Mother nature. An enfolding haven adorned by Thai primeval wall paintings – mythical creatures. Entering the bathroom, a palatial sense of cool. Marble against blue, black and white tiles, full-length glass and murals reflected. A place to escape and contemplate. Inspired by caves found in North-Eastern Thailand.


Wood Element – Elegance and Tranquillity
Wooden floor invites you in to discover the different forms and type of wood creations like no other, brought to life with featured lighting and soft textures. Calmness instills whilst the bustling city outside continues. Hand-sketched mural by national artist of Thailand.


Metal Element – Purity and Modernity
Frenetic Bangkok comes to a halt. Black stainless doors opening onto a purity of light, the blur of Bangkok and all its life forces merging to form “a material layer of immaterial feeling”. Ramayana shadows dancing on the walls, a collage of whites and glass and metal. A transcendence of time and space.


Fire Element – Indulgence and Flair
Warmth, sensation and energy. Intriguing dynamic public spaces for social interaction and movement. Designed to evoke emotions and create a scene of playful environment . The iconic Red Oven is a show kitchen representing the passion for culinary arts and a symbol of the fire element.


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