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One Day in Lumpini Park

A Day in Bangkok’s Lumpini Park

Nestled amidst the bustling streets and skyscrapers of Bangkok’s busy cityscape lies a verdant oasis specially curated to delight the senses and the imagination.

Framed by the chrome and glass buildings of Bangkok, Lumpini Park functions as the city’s green lung, with carefully curated lawns, spectacular water bodies, and wild, local flora and fauna. It is the vast, fertile landscape that enhances the stunning panorama of the city from the SO/ Bangkok. Named after the birthplace of Buddha, it was built in the 1920s, serving as a museum, and even a Japanese army camp, during its colourful history. Today, people of all ages, from all walks of life, converge at this beautiful location to relax, socialize, get fit, take photos and so much more. It truly energizes not just the city, but the people within it, whether they are visitors or residents.

Lumphini Park View from SO Sofitel Bangkok


How to get to Lumpini Park

As for how to get to Lumpini Park, the Saladaeng BTS Station, the Lumpini MRT Station and the Silom MRT Station are all within a five minute walk of the park, which has many entrances, allowing for easy access from a variety of locations. Another option for how to get to Lumpini Park is by bus. You can take Rama IV road buses 4, 14, 47, 67, 74, 76, 106, 109, 115 and Por Opr 7, or the Witthayu road buses 13, 17, 62, 76 and 106, the Sarasin Road buses 13, 76 and 106, and the Ratchadamri road buses 14, 15, 74, 77, 119, Por Opr 4, and Por Opr 5. The final option for how to get to Lumpini Park is simply by car or taxi; it is located between Rama IV road, Ratchadamri road and Witthayu road, across from the east end of Silom. You can visit any time between 5am and 8pm, and as it is one of the public parks in Bangkok, there is no admission fee.

Activities in Lumpini Park

Start your morning with a light jog around the paths of Lumpini Park, which are varied in length and scenery so that visitors with any level of fitness can relax or challenge themselves as desired. Just after the Rama IV entrance, there are tennis courts, a swimming pool, and an indoor gym. The complex also houses two outdoor gyms and a basketball court. Thus, you can exercise socially as well as individually, and the plethora of amenities ensure that you can change up your fitness regimen to keep it fresh. In fact, in the evenings, when the weather is balmy, you can join one of the free aerobic classes, or the regular tai chi practitioners, who sometimes bring fans or swords to complete their routines. There is the occasional organised marathon as well, so if you are a keen runner, look out for them!

Biking at Lumphini Park SO Sofitel Bangkok

One of the most popular activities at many of the larger parks in Bangkok is actually biking. It is a wonderful way to traverse the winding, verdant pathways that showcase various aspects of Bangkok nature so well. You can see fish , turtles , birds as they sun themselves, swim, and go about their daily routine. If you aren’t a resident with a bike, don’t worry, because in-house guests of the SO/Bangkok are able to borrow bicycles without any additional charge. So, put on your biking shorts and helmet, and head over to this lush sanctuary and immerse yourself in tropical paradise, right in the heart of Bangkok.

Apart from enjoying the great outdoors that add to the Bangkok nature scene, you may choose to read a book or do some work in Lumpini’s library; you can soak in the charming atmosphere and people watch, or bird watch, as you immerse yourself in tales from afar, or even in writing your own stories. Certainly, Lumpini Park is inspirational enough to tickle your imagination, and provides a glorious setting for any creative endeavours, so bring something to write with, something to write on, and plenty of time.

As for little ones, aside from participating in all of the above mentioned activities like biking and simply enjoying the animals and plants in a setting far more organic than any zoo, there is also a playground for them to enjoy. Brightly coloured structures such as slides and monkey bars are sure to excite kids of all ages, and it is also a great place for them to meet and make friends with other kids, too.

As one of the most visited parks in Bangkok, Lumpini is lively with activity throughout the day, so at any given point, the playground will be full of laughing, playing kids. Do take note that pets are not allowed in the park.

Another activity that is really popular with visitors of all ages are the swan shaped paddle boats. You can rent these to row around the large, central lake; it is the perfect way to enjoy the serenity of the water, circumscribed by Bangkok nature and wildlife. If you would like to feed the fish, while you can do this from the banks of the lake, you can also feed them from the middle of the water to attract different varieties of aquatic dwellers. Sides of bread are easily available for purchase from local vendors around the park. However you choose to enjoy the lake, make sure to take plenty of photos, as these boats are an Instagram favourite! The elegant curves and pale colours of the paddle boats stand out well against the lush backdrop.

If you are in town on a Sunday, almost every afternoon there is some sort of concert or entertainment organized in the middle of the park at The Band Stand Lumpini Park for all to appreciate. Depending on the event, you may listen to jazz music, appreciate classical strains and even tap your feet to more upbeat tunes as the evening goes on. To best enjoy the atmosphere, bring along a blanket, and some ever-handy mosquito spray, and just sit back and relax. Often, if Thai music is playing, you might see locals getting up to dance; if you feel inclined, join them for a truly unforgettable night.

Truly, whether you are looking to spend time with near and dear ones, improve your fitness, or even play Pokemon Go, Lumpini Park is the perfect location for you. Its convenience, coupled with the well-maintained natural beauty, the cultural features such as ornate bridges and Chinese pagodas, and the sheer energy of the people within, makes this a venue not to miss. Especially if you are staying at the SO/ Bangkok, which overlooks the entire park, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lush, equatorial nature of Thailand, right at the convenience of your doorstep.

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