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Innovative Activities and Workout Program

At SO/ FIT Fitness center, move beyond traditional exercise with a range of innovative activities in a fitness studio and aerobics room complemented by relaxation bed. Make use of the high quality Technogym fitness equipment under the guidance of personal trainers, attend AERO dance, FIT Boxing or YOGA class with a professional instructor or maximize time and output with SO/ FIT’s Signature fitness programs.

Don’t let a foray in the big city torpedo your exercise regimen. Keep your body in buff shape at our well-appointed SO/ FIT with the highest quality Technogym fitness equipment and classes. Your workout program might even pick up some new tricks from SO/ FIT’s innovative activities and classes with professional instructors. Are you a Bangkok local or regular? Stay fit and firm in cosmopolitan style by taking advantage of our SO/ Bangkok hotel gym membership.


Plunge into SO/ FIT’s full-kit fitness studio and aerobics room, then chill in the relaxation beds. SO/ FIT’s luxury gym experience includes complimentary parking, the gym, exercise classes, changing room, shower, steam, sauna and infinity pool. With our Bangkok hotel gym membership, free weekly yoga classes and more are our treat. So, discover SO/ FIT’s innovative range of fun workouts, classes and activities. Led by professional trainers, our workout programs keep you in shipshape form.


*SO/ FIT Rules applied



Get SO fit and firm, and most of all, stay SO motivated with SO/ FIT’s range of fun workouts. From innovative activities and high-tech equipment, everything at SO/ FIT has been engineered to maximize your time and well-being. Signature fitness programs include Personal Trainers, yoga, aero dance and boxing.



Find inner peace and take control of your body and mind at every Tuesday morning sessions

From 7:00AM – 7:30AM



To boost your energy levels and is the most enjoyable approach to get in full-body exercise at every Wednesday evening sessions

From 6:30PM – 7:00PM



To engage in cardiac exercise that enhances mental and physical endurance at every Friday evening sessions

From 6:30PM – 7:00PM


*All in-house guests and members are welcome







Swim, steam, run, and pump your way to a shipshape body and soul.


The fitness membership at SO/ Bangkok includes complimentary parking time, use of gym, exercise classes, changing room, experience shower, steam, sauna and infinity pool.



Day pass, individual, couple, and corporate memberships are available.






For more information or to make a reservation, please contact SO/ FIT




Looking for the best luxury spa treatment for your spa day in Bangkok?


Open Daily
6:00AM – 10:00PM
(24 hours for in-house guests)

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