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Luxury Boutique Hotel in Bangkok, Silom

Enter a dreamlike world where the elements of Water, Earth, Wood and Metal transform into a passionate, playful synergy. Drawing inspiration from nature’s splendor, Thailand’s top designers have created four distinctive room styles. The stylish result is Bangkok’s first urban design hotel, unfolding a feast for the eyes while you re-energize your soul. SO/ Bangkok’s lifestyle hotel provides the perfect setting for an imaginative escape. Each of the four unique room styles in SO/ Bangkok’s 5-star boutique hotel in Silom, Bangkok has a theme. Try a new theme from nature each night, and re-ground your essence with Mother Nature.


Each of our 237 rooms and suites bestowing luxury accommodation in Bangkok is a place where dreams come to life. Where would you like your dreams to take you to tonight? Are you feeling a little smooth, shiny and sparkly, or kind of salty and grounded in simplicity? Whether you are vibing in stillness or feeling the beat of the city tonight, SO/ Bangkok promises a personalized experience. Each of our chic design hotel’s four unique room themes boast a different layout and décor. Half the fun is in discovering your element; the other half is making your dream come true.


The Four Elements: Choose your suited vibe

You trawl through the best design hotels in Bangkok, and narrow down the list. You want playful, you want luxury — SO/ Bangkok has it all. While not boutique in size, SO/ Bangkok promises a personalized experience that will give any boutique hotel in Bangkok a run for their money.


Now that you've made up your mind where to stay in Bangkok, which element are you vibing with?

SO/ Bangkok offers a choice of 4 unique room themes, each with a different layout and decor:


To know more about how the elements came to life. Click here.

Water Element

Water Element Room hotel in bangkok


If your mood is posh and peaceful, artiste Pongthep Sagulku’s elegantly simple Water Element keeps your feelings fluid. Panoramic windows and high ceilings accent gently curving white furniture. Our luxury accommodation in Bangkok enchants by inducing a sweeping serenity in Water Element. Conjure up a clear, deep pool as onyx and ebony alternate in these sublime Silom Bangkok boutique hotel rooms. Discover the perfect podium and palette for introspection in Water Elements sumptuous round bathtub, placed directly by floor-to-ceiling windows.


Earth Element

Earth Element Room hotel in bangkok


Designer extraordinaire, Vitoon Kunalungkarn, brings the Earth Element to life in rooms that inspire tranquility and a light airiness. A palette of cobalt blue and an open design with sweeping archways pays homage to Thailand’s indigenous roots. History and mystery meld perfectly into a playful quality that is unique for a Silom Bangkok boutique hotel. Engage your Earth Element among the open bathroom’s black and white Art Deco tiles, pale marble and frosted glass walls.

Wood Element

Wood Element Room


Step into Wood Element and you teleport into a Northern Thai heritage home from exotic Old Siam. Thai super-artist Nithi Sthapitanonda creates subtlety to stunning effect mixing the aesthetic of teak with his own classic silk murals. Khun Nithi’s straightforward style tastefully blends old and new, befitting SO/ Bangkok’s style of luxury accommodation in Bangkok. Finally, with a king-size 4-post bed at center-stage, this nest is perfect for our harmoniously inclined guests.

Earth Element Room

Metal Element

Metal Element Room


With visionary designer Somchai Jongsaeng, our urban design hotel captures the pulse of the city in Metal Element. Black stainless steel doors open to a collage of metropolitan chic, as modern Ramayana art and stark white furnishings tastefully clash. Frosted glass and black and white vie for space in these modernistic rooms. So if Bangkok is a way of life, our Bangkok lifestyle hotel is her crown jewel.


Hotel Policies

Check-in time: 3:00PM | Check-out time: 12:00PM

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