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As one of the city’s premier destinations for great gourmet, SO/ Bangkok does a Saturday brunch buffet Bangkok-based like no other. Every weekend, the foremost “Saturday, From the Bay” hotel buffet takes place at Red Oven—the establishment’s celebrated all-day dining venue that takes its name from the signature red Molteni oven that sits at the heart of the spacious 7th floor eatery.
Every Saturday, Red Oven present “Saturday, From the Bay”, where seafood lovers get to savor the freshest catch of the day alongside a plethora imported sea delicacies. Succulent seafood, fine wine and cave-like coziness. Saturdays will take on a new meaning at Red Oven.

Prices starting from THB 1,800++ per person (food only) and THB 2,900++ per person with our epic beverage package (including water; selected juices; coffee; tea; white, red, rosé, and sparkling wine)
Every Saturday from 12noon – 3:30pm at Red Oven Restaurant, 7th floor of SO/ Bangkok.

Seafood Lovers’ Dream Come True

As weekend brunches continue to grow in popularity in the City of Angels, SO/ Bangkok continues to elevate its hotel buffet experience to curate the best brunch Bangkok has to offer. Those who are fans of the breakfast and lunch hybrid understand that the idea of brunch has become less about traditional dishes like eggs benedict and French toast, and rather describes an entire experience made up of delicious food , a vibrant atmosphere , and often, endless free-flow drinks .

There are many types of brunch that fall under the overhead umbrella, ranging from a Mediterranean-inspired feast paired with endless sangria. Ultimately, depending on personal taste, everyone has their favourites. However, it must be said that a seafood brunch is pretty much loved by all.

In keeping with its name, the hotel’s Saturday brunch showcases all the most delicious fruits of the sea. As a top seafood buffet Bangkok has to offer, between noon and 3.30pm diners can enjoy only the freshest varieties cooked to their liking. If you prefer your seafood raw on ice, the brunch offers a stand-alone counter with endless options encompassing giant river prawns, langoustines, and clams and mussels. Diners can also opt for impressive varieties of crab like blue crab, brown crab, mud crab and the subtly sweet and sought-after Alaskan king crab. If oysters are your forte, the brunch offers choices such as the Fine de Claire, from the largest oyster producing region in the world, the sweet and round French Boudeuse Oyster, and the Majestic Oyster imported from the Republic of Ireland. You can also treat yourself to generous cuts of lobster you should desire!

As a leading seafood buffet Bangkok is home to, the Saturday brunch also offers seasonal specials that showcase Thailand’s incredible local produce, as well as ‘catch of the day’ options that are constantly changing, such as seabass and red snapper. On top of the outdoor grill, there are other ways to enjoy the restaurant’s diverse seafood on offer, including tossing these varieties in a pan alongside fresh herbs and spices.


In addition to the freshest seafood buffet Bangkok has to offer, there is plenty more to relish during SO/ Bangkok’s “Saturday from the Bay” brunch. At the Japanese corner and sushi buffet, diners can opt to sample a selection of freshly cut sashimi including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, octopus, mackerel and shrimp to truly savour the delicate flavours of sublimely prepared raw seafood.

Moreover, sushi is also available in the forms of maki — a cylindrical rollcrafted with fillings like salmon and avocado, and nigiri—recognised as ‘hand pressed sushi’, an oblong shaped morsel topped with ingredients like shrimp or eel. All of these sushi buffet delights are best enjoyed with wasabi and a side of soy sauce. Moreover, in addition to the sushi buffet, diners can also enjoy grilled meats and vegetables from the robatayaki — a traditional Japanese style of cooking over coal that will be delivered straight to your table.

As a Saturday brunch buffet Bangkokians love; in addition to Japanese cuisine, the restaurant’s signature centrepiece—the red oven—also acts as a stovetop where you can enjoy a selection of Asian and Western-inspired dishes. Diners can choose from juicy cuts of steak cooked to your preference, or indulge in succulent cuts of duck, lamb and pork. To enjoy with these cuts of meats, diners can pile on sides like roasted potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Or for something lighter, the restaurant’s salad bar offers all the components you could need from crunchy leaves and sliced vegetables to delicious dressings.

Moreover, the prominent stovetop also dishes up a selection of spicy curries, hearty stews and homemade pastas. But, as the hotel buffet is centred on seafood , dishes like tender scallops served with a tangy mango salsa, mussels stir fried in a creamy white wine and leek sauce, rich seafood gratin and perfectly cooked salmon wellington are also available. If you’re feeling really indulgent, opt for the heavenly Lobster Thermidor—a dish of creamy cooked lobster meat served in its shell.

Additional options include the Mediterranean corner for like dips and breads, meat fillings and traditional side-dishes. For other sumptuous morsels, the restaurant’s deli counter is where you can fill your plates as many times as you desire with fresh varieties of bread and imported condiments, as well as assorted antipasti like cold cuts, cheese, sundried tomatoes and marinated olives. This diversity in dishes and cuisine, is a prime reason why many consider SO/ Bangkok’s spread at Red Oven, the best brunch Bangkok offers.

Of course, no best brunch Bangkok is home to would be complete without dessert, and luckily for diners with a sweet tooth, Red Oven showcases some of the most impressive dessert selections anywhere in the city. Here, diners can choose to indulge in authentic European desserts like crème brûlée and tiramisu, homemade ice-cream and gelato, and skilfully created cakes, tarts and crepes.

Lovers of chocolate will be spoilt for choice thanks to the divine selection of treats from SO/ Bangkok’s renowned Chocolab—a café specialising in chocolates crafted using lots of premium ingredients and a lot of love. The counter also offers authentic Thai sweet treats and mouth-wateringly fresh local fruit. Reinforcing yet again that SO/ Bangkok’s “Saturday from the Bay” is a Saturday brunch buffet Bangkok urbanites will fall in love with again and again.

Red Oven: World Food Market

The oven—which is recognised around the world for being a symbol of French craftsmanship—is a striking piece of equipment that functions as a hub for the talented chefs to cook at live stations. It also features counters adorned with delicacies from all around the world that add to the restaurant’s fun market-place vibe. As a restaurant that offers one of the most unique brunch settings in the city, Red Oven takes inspiration from Thailand’s bustling food markets, but gives it a modern twist to create a relaxing yet contemporary venue where diners can enjoy delicious fare from all around the world.

The restaurant itself has been split into nine different sections according to cuisine, each complete with live cooking stations, raw bars and made-to-order a la carte options, to ensure that every discerning diner that chooses to spend their weekends at Red Oven can find something they can relish! In addition to delicious cuisine, diners can then enjoy these fresh delights while taking in the spectacular views of Bangkok’s central business district and the iconic Lumpini Park.

Every Saturday from 12noon – 3:30pm at Red Oven Restaurant, 7th floor of SO/ Bangkok.
Prices starting from THB 1,800++ per person (food only) and THB 2,900++ per person with our epic beverage package (including water; selected juices; coffee; tea; white, red, rosé, and sparkling wine)

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