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So you’re feeling a little sluggish, your skin has looked better, and your mood has seen better days….Let’s Detox! As the premier spa hotel in Bangkok, the best spas in Bangkok look to our unparalleled wellness spa, SO/ SPA, for inspiration. Discover the indulgent SO/ SPA concept for yourself, SO/ Bangkok’s Let’s Detox room/breakfast/spa Package is truly SO inspirational.



Let’s Detox Package includes the following indulgences to put a spring in your step.

• Your room with breakfast.
• One hour at our impeccable wellness spa, SO/ SPA , with an excellent choice of Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Massage or Fit Body Massage.
• Our Indulgent Bath set-up once per stay.
• Late check-out until.


benefits of detoxification

That sluggish feeling you’re getting during the day can be the result of excess toxins in the body. So let’s detox to boost your energy level with a Room&Spa package that leaves you refreshed and raring to go.

• Support your digestion and weight management with a healthy breakfast.
• Reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin with a healthy Thai massage.
• Strengthen your immune system with an aromatherapy massage and a delicious charcoal bubble bath.
• Improve your mood after a great night’s sleep with Sofitel’s sleep-inducing MyBed experience including a pillow menu and aromatherapy mist.


Of course, any good detox program involves getting plenty of good, restful sleep. All you need for that perfect night’s sleep lies right here in Sofitel’s MyBed . The MyBed experience lets you get the sleep dreams are made of with sleep amenities to get you in your zone. My Bed also comes with a menu of available pillows. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side, or all over the place, you’ll find the perfect pillow for you.


Nothing improves your mood after a great night of sleep better than a delicious hot bath before a Thai massage. An exclusive aromatherapy massage is another excellent mood enhancer, but many other techniques are at your disposal. Our Indulgent Bath program provides just the ticket, with a selection of bath amenities that soothe, refresh and rejuvenate.


Being one of the best spas in Bangkok, our award-winning spa offers plenty of additional skin-care possibilities. Guests who want to experience the full range of Let’s Detox treatments at our wellness spa have some excellent choices.


Choose our Urban Detox Facial, a 1 hour treatment to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin. This facial helps clear the skin of impurities, purify the pores and counteract the effects of daily urban pollution.


Our Himalaya Detoxifying Body Scrub is 45 minutes of deep cleaning. Infused with 80 minerals, Himalayan pink salt delivers its pure nutrients while gently smoothing your skin.


Discover Wellness in SO/ Bangkok

Say “SO long” to the tension and stress of urban life. As home to one of the best spas in Bangkok, we know a thing or two about relaxation. So come pamper your body, mind and spirit with SO/ Bangkok’s exclusive brand of health and wellness.


Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool


There’s nothing like a few laps in the pool to keep the body strong, toned up and limber. And SO/ Bangkok’s rooftop pool is the perfect place to do it. Not just a swimming pool, SO/ Bangkok’s 10th floor infinity pool is a luxury lap pool 32 meters in length.


A low chlorine content and tunes piped in directly for a watery soundtrack keep your laps enjoyable and entertaining. Then come nightfall, underwater LED lights create ever-changing shades of vibrant color, making an ethereal scene floating over the cityscape.


The negative edge of this innovative pool gives the illusion of water flowing right over and into the park below. Keep your vertigo at bay as you seem to swim in mid-air 10 stories above Bangkok’s bustling streets.



Just adjacent to the pool is a rambling oasis lawn — our grassy playground, the ‘Solarium’. The Solarium offers a sun-soaked spot for tanning between dips or the casual poolside meet-up.


The Solarium is the site of our newest and most fashionable summer trend – Picnic Day! Escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok below you and chill out on the Solarium’s grassy greenery with a picnic lunch. We have everything you’ll need – an irresistible picnic set with a choice of menu items and all the extras. Your picnic lunch comes in a picnic basket delivering a dream come true for summer time. Add a bottle of bubbly to your basket and clink your Champagne glasses for a rooftop selfie worth 1,000 words.


The pool and Solarium are open daily from 6 am – 10 pm.





Our inviting wellness spa is regarded as one of the best spas in Bangkok and with good reason. Tight muscles and tension melt away with SO/ SPA ’s professional spa treatments blending natural ingredients with Thai and French traditions. Unique and exclusive treatments such as aromatherapy massage offer the upmost in wellbeing.


The serene atmosphere of our luxury spa overlooking Lumpini Park and the city skyline is perfect for a Thai massage. Every comfort is provided by our specially-trained massage therapists and healing specialists. SO/ SPA’s selection of treatments will soothe overworked muscles and put the body on the path to wellness and wellbeing.


So whether here on business or holiday, discover our professional spa treatments on offer and feel refreshed and revitalized. Delight in our excellent selection of beauty treatments and signature massages. Traditional Thai massage and body scrubs augment unique specialties like aromatherapy massage and custom facials on SO/ SPA’s extensive menu.


Signature treatments at this flagship of the best spas in Bangkok include:

• Serenity of Five Elements | 90 minutes of deep vibrations spread into meridians and muscles to free stuck energy. Herbal compresses and oils are massaged onto your body for a complete stress relief.

• Exhilarating Jade Therapy Massage | 90 minutes | Precious Jade glides over your body, relieving muscle tensions and enhancing blood circulation. A relaxing Jade facial uses Jade boards and Jade rollers to rejuvenate and boost your complexion.

• Anti-Aging Golden Glow Facial | 90 minutes | Experience a luxurious treat that rejuvenates, detoxifies and illuminates. Gold leaves and apple stem cells provide nutrition that helps to stimulate facial rejuvenation for a fresher, softer look.





SO/ Bangkok’s immaculate fitness center, SO/ FIT has been specifically designed for your fitness well-being. Enjoy entertaining fitness programs with our lively trainers and recharge your senses in our soothing sauna and steam rooms. Relaxation beds and a beauty salon complement the fitness studio and aerobics room. At SO/ FIT we move beyond traditional exercise routines with a range of innovative activities.

Maximize your time and output with SO/ FIT’s signature fitness programs. Tai Chi Silk Reeling, Bosu Ball Exercise, Agility Exercise, and Trigger Point Release are a few of our novel approaches. SO/ FIT’s high quality Technogym fitness equipment has been engineered to maximize your time and workout. Take advantage of the guidance of our personal trainers by taking a Pilates or yoga class with our professional instructors. Yoga classes are led by trained instructors and held on Mondays (7:30am – 8:30am), free for in-house guests and SO/ FIT members.


Day pass, individual, couple, and corporate memberships are available. A fitness membership includes complimentary parking, use of gym, exercise classes, changing rooms, showers, steam, sauna and the infinity pool.
Run, swim, pump and steam your way to a shipshape body and soul at SO/ FIT.
• Open 24 hours for In-House Guests.
• 6am – 10pm for members.

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