Create your own sweet treats with our Chocolate Cooking Class only at Chocolab!


Begin your Experimental Melting at SO with 2 original recipes of chocolate truffle and chocolate mendiant for only THB 900++ per chocolate lover.


Chocolate Cooking Class is available daily from 10:30am – 12:00pm or 2:30pm – 4:00pm at Chocolab, Ground Floor.


*Please give us a buzz 3 days in advance for your sweet reservation.
*Minimum 2 persons and maximum 20 persons per cooking class.


There’s nothing in the world better than chocolate, so if you are your own chocolatier you are sitting on top of the world. Start your world of chocolate making by learning the ropes of this art form in the fun chocolate cooking class at Chocolab! Located in the lower lobby of the posh SO Sofitel Bangkok hotel, this charming boutique not only has the finest chocolate creations in town, it makes them, and you can too, in Chocolab’s 1.5 hour confectionary classes with our English-speaking chocolatier. Making chocolate is one of the most deliciously fun things to do in Bangkok and one of the best kids’ activities in Bangkok too, so get the kids involved and you’ve just found one of the most creative (not to mention yummy!) things to do in Bangkok with family.
Join either a morning or an afternoon chocolate cooking class and meet fellow foodies who also know fun things to do in Bangkok when they see it. Your Chocolatier will guide you in the craft of making some of the shop’s best-selling confections, like Chocolate Mediant and Chocolate Truffles, it’s not as hard as you might think. And being your own artisan, you can tailor your personal chocolates to your own preference, as sweet or as dark as you like, then box your new creation up in its own cute little box (if you haven’t eaten them already!), and you’re now a professional. Willie Wonka would be proud!
Chocolab’s glassed-in kitchen is a café celebrating the sweeter side of life and SO Sofitel Bangkok’s rich French heritage ensures those sweet bonbons emanating from its chocolate factory are the finest selection of mouthwatering treats in the land. The chocolate making is in full display behind glass windows, making the chocolatiers creators of their craft on their own stage, and those creations are made ever more delectable by using the finest ingredients — including chocolate from Bonnat, the world’s oldest chocolatier in France where the family has been producing this food of the gods for generations.
Both mischievous and heavenly, Chocolab offers delicious things to do in Bangkok with family. If you want more than chocolaty tantalizing delights to go home with, sign the whole family up for a morning or afternoon of scrumptious chocolate making, these are kids’ activities in Bangkok that mom and dad will have fun with, too.

Chocolate Cooking Class Details

Chocolate Cooking Class Chocolab Cooking Class Chocolab at SO Sofitel Bangkok

There really is no other place like Chocolab, it’s a unique boutique like no other. Not only can you shop around for chocolates and pastries, cakes and bonbons from our endless selection of sweet temptations that come out daily, Chocolab also invites you to spark your creative sweet tooth and create your own collection of luscious delights for only THB 900 per person at our chocolate cooking class. Few fun things to do in Bangkok invite you to lick your fingers, but this invitation will be impossible to refuse as you learn the tricks of this yummy trade.
The Chocolab Cooking Class lets you create your own indulgent treats from 10.30 am to 12 noon or from 2.30 pm to 4 pm daily , then wrap your bootie up in a smart little bonbon box as a gift or to spoil yourself with back at home.
For parents, finding kids’ activities in Bangkok can be a challenge, but Chocolab’s gooey-fun cooking classes are some of the most creative things to do in Bangkok with family. Bon Appétit!
Chocolate Making Classes (2 Recipes; Mendiant and Chocolate Truffle)

AM class (10am – 12 noon) THB 900++ per person
PM class (2:30pm – 4:30pm) THB 900++ per person

*Please give us a buzz 3 days in advance for your sweet reservation.
*Minimum 2 persons and maximum 20 persons per cooking class.


About Chocolab

For chewy decadence there is no boutique more unique than Chocolab. Its glassed-in kitchen provides a full view of the chocolate laboratory , allowing you to observe the craft of chocolate making as you enjoy its sweet creations in a cozy atmosphere, or gift wrap them for an exclusive gift.
A wide range of exciting chocolate flavors and pleasures are created daily by our chocolatiers. Visit our delightful chocolate experts and their laboratory for the most decadent indulgences in town. Move over Willie Wonka!
Location: Street Lobby, Ground floor
Chocolab is open daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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